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Santa-Dino Train Car Track Set

Santa-Dino Train Car Track Set

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Visit Jurassic World and see what it's all about! Adaptable designs train is now possible. Children's imaginations were captured when this toy was created - a brave and heroic universe was brewing in their minds.

This Upgrade version of the Santa Dinosaur Train Car Track Set helps your children to build their own dinosaur train

Helping your children deal with a toy like this will increase their imagination and complete our product's objective of making kids artistic, experiential, and smart.

You can be sure your child's hands won't get injured because the sides and corners of our tracks are polished smooth. As well as being safe and non-toxic, they can also be easily taken apart and reassembled. You can let your children play in their rooms or with two or three friends.


  • Developmental benefits include improving hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and social interaction.
  • Various geometries will be designed and engineered by the child for hours on end.
  • Through fun activities, children can develop their creative abilities. This will ultimately benefit the children.
  • Even indirectly, it teaches them how to balance and gravity.
  • The non-toxic materials composing this toy are free of BPA. There will be a lot of fun playing this game with children and toddlers of all ages!
  • Children ages 3 and up can simply put it together. It allows children to practice their hand-eye coordination and motor skills while having fun.


        Product Specifications:
        • Material: ABS Plastic
        • Age: 3 and above
        • Size as mentioned below on image


        Package Includes: (245PCS Set)

        • 225 x Track Piece
        • 1 x LED Dino Head Car 
        • 6 x Train Car Set with Dinosaurs
        • 1 x Track Ball
        • 6 x Tree
        • 6 x Train Car Buckles


        Package Includes: (197PCS Set)

        • 180 x Track Piece
        • 1 x LED Santa Jeep Car
        • 3 x Train Car Set with Dinosaurs
        • 1 x Track Ball
        • 6 x Tree
        • 3 x Train Car Buckles
        • 1 x Mini Dinosaur
        • 1 x Light Box
        • 1 x Play Instruction

        Shipping Information: 

        • United States: 10-12 days
        • United Kingdom: 7-10 days 
        • Australia / NZ: 10-14 days
        • Other Countries: 10-15 days
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