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Little T-Rex Egg Hatching Spray

Little T-Rex Egg Hatching Spray

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Just a gentle pat and roaring dinosaur emerges out from the egg. Little T-Rex Egg Hatching Spray is safe for all materials, making it an easy and stress-free way of hatching eggs. It's a mess-free way to bring your dinosaurs to life.

An unhatched Dinosaur egg toy with colourful lighting effects, transporting your children into the “Mesozoic Era”, without having to leave the comfort of their room.

This is a perfect gift to let your child experience the Jurassic Era. The product contains a lightweight, unhatched Dinosaur egg, which can be hatched easily with just a gentle pat of your palm. 

The hatching is accompanied by a simulated dinosaur roar with colourful lighting effects while it spurts a misty fire-like spray out of its mouth, transporting you into the scary yet fantastic land of dinosaurs. Hatching can be controlled with the sound, with a simple process.




  • Teach your kids about dinosaurs in a funny way.
  • Colourful and attractive LED lights
  • Made from durable, non-toxic plastic



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  • United States: 10-14 days
  • United Kingdom: 7-10 days
  • Australia / NZ: 10-15 days
  • Other Countries: 10-16 days


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